Facing COVID-19: Staying Healthy & Helping Grantees

Mar 23, 2020 | Bonus Episodes

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As grant professionals and fundraisers, we look to data, information, and resources to determine the best course of action when meeting the needs of the communities we serve. With the growing health pandemic of COVID-19, we need to lean on one another and share relevant health and safety concerns. Funders, both federal and private, across the country are stepping up their game by relaxing restrictions and providing flexibility to grantees. Join us in this bonus episode as we talk about safety, resources, and ways grantors can step up their game.

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The following resources were shared during this episode.

World Health Organization & Google Public Service Announcement – 5 Steps to Help Stop the Coronavirus

Governors and other leaders in states not already declared as “shelter in place” emphasize social distancing, AKA, stay at home as much as possible. Go to the grocery store only once a week.

Find the nearest food pantry in Atlanta / North Georgia – text “findfood” or “comida” if you want instructions in Spanish to 888-976-2232. Then you will be prompted to enter your zip code (street address if you want), and you will receive texts with the addresses and phone numbers of nearby food pantries.

Across the country, there are 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries – connect with yours and share info to others.

Feeding America – Find info on SNAP and other federal/charitable programs

Government Response to the Coronavirus – website with tons of useful tips from housing to travel to health and so much more

Council on Foundations, Ford Foundation, and other foundations are pledging flexibility to grantees

Office of Management and Budget offers suggestions to federal funders to relax funding requirements to grantees

Audible – Free audible stories for children through adults in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese

Local Book Store Support – You can get two audio books for the price of one and the payment goes to a local book store when you sign up for a membership

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