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If you are new to the world of grants or have been figuring it out on your own for years, the Grants Lab is for you. Together, Amanda and Kimberly have over 50 years of grant seeking and management experience. They’ve taught more than 20,000 people from nonprofits, local governments, higher education, K-12 school systems, and more. They will build your organization’s capacity for sustainable and strategic success with grants.

In the Grants Lab, you will work with small cohorts (maximum of ten agencies) to develop winning strategies and systems through a series of training sessions, coaching calls, interactive writing exercises, and more. Tailored feedback and a built-in learning community set the Grants Lab apart from other single session trainings and webinars.

Hands-on writing exercises, with personalized feedback, will mean you complete the Grants Lab with a working template to streamline your grant-seeking process.

Join the waitlist for upcoming cohort dates, scheduling, and more.

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What You Get

Over eight weeks, you will receive 27 hours of expert and entertaining interaction with two experienced grant professionals who have worked in the local government, human services, faith-based, higher education, health, and arts and cultural spaces for a combined 50 plus years of experience.

The Grants Lab includes:

  • Z14 hours of online training
  • Z3 hours of an audit/review of a recent grant proposal you submitted – with feedback
  • Z2 hours of one-on-one coaching calls
  • Z8 hours of content review and written feedback on every assignment:
  • Needs Assessment
  • Budget
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Program/Project Description
  • Evaluation
  • Logic Model
  • Sustainability


At the completion of the Grants Lab, you will understand grant readiness, grant prospect research, and the typical components of a grant application. 

Each cohort will follow this training schedule:

  • ZWEEK 1 – Grant Readiness Audit of Your Agency
  • ZWEEK 2 – Strategic Grant Seeking
  • ZWEEK 3 – Needs Assessment
  • ZWEEK 4 – Budget
  • ZWEEK 5 – No Class / Writing and Research Time for Cohort Members
  • ZWEEK 7 – Program Description and Typical Grant Attachments
  • ZWEEK 8 – Evaluation and Sustainability

One-hour, one-on-one coaching calls will take place between weeks 1 and 2, then again between weeks 5 and 6.

Training sessions, two hours each, will take place on Tuesdays. All sessions will be recorded and available on demand. Kimberly and Amanda will explain each writing assignment during Tuesday’s training, with a deadline on the following Monday. They will provide written feedback by Friday.

End Result

By the end of the Grants Lab you will have:

  • ZA prospect list of potential grant opportunities for your organization.
  • ZAn analytical tool to match the best fit grant opportunities to your programs/projects.
  • ZA completed grant readiness audit of your organization.
  • ZThe framework of a quality proposal for one of your organization’s projects/programs, including:
  • Needs Statement
  • Program Description
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Budget
  • Evaluation
  • Sustainability
  • ZThe knowledge and skills to complete future grant applications.
  • ZSystems and checklists to create a library of most requested attachments and other required documents.
  • ZA built-in community of grant seekers to support future grant-related questions and experiences.

Your Investment

Up to 5 Staff

The Grants Lab investment is $5,900 for each organization. Your organization may send up to five staff members and volunteers to training, but HayDay Services will only conduct one audit on one past grant proposal and review/edit one assignment per organization. Join the waitlist for upcoming cohort dates, scheduling, and more.

Larger Organizations

For larger organizations who want to train more than five employees, we recommend a tailored Grant Lab experience solely for your organization. Packages start at $9,900. If interested, please send us an email.


For a one-on-one Grants Lab experience, packages start at $7,400. Payment plans for individuals are available. Contact us for details.

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