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Under pressure to over-deliver on fundraising/grants revenue?

Stymied by sustainability and strategic planning?

Overwhelmed by grant deadlines and opportunities?

We can help!

Amanda Day and Kimberly Hays de Muga have led trainings, keynotes, conference sessions, and webinars for more than 20,000 people like you worldwide. Whether in person or online, around the corner, or across the country, they provide tailored training and incorporate follow-up feedback and coaching that prepares you and your team to secure the funding you need to transform the communities you serve.

Here are some of the sessions they have offered recently. Purchasing the sessions as the package, Successful Grant Strategies, will save you time and money on your way to grants and fundraising success.

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Start Where You Are: Grant Readiness and Grant Opportunities

Securing grant funding requires a unique set of data, program information, organizational documentation, and a sound “matchmaking” strategy for success in federal, state, local, foundation, and corporate opportunities. Set the stage for success with this interactive, hands-on training to help you save time and target the most suitable grant opportunities.

You’ll learn:

  • Fundamental structures and documentation needed to secure grant funding
  • 5 free ways to search for grant funding
  • 4 crucial criteria in selecting paid grant search databases
  • Eligibility vs. Competitiveness

Resources include: grant readiness checklists and documentation templates, grant calendars, and ranking systems.

Streamlining Grant Proposals

Creating competitive grant proposals can be time-consuming and stressful—but not if you work with a proven system of templates and structures that keep those applications flowing!

You’ll learn:

  • Basic components of a grant (needs statement, program description, goals and objectives, logic model, evaluation)
  • Commonly requested attachments
  • Basics of persuasive grant writing (writing style, sentence structure, editing)
  • Assembling grants teams and task forces to develop competitive grants

Additional resources include: guides to needs statement data, sample logic models, objectives worksheets, program description outlines, and sample letters of support.

Strengthening Project Budgets

A well-developed budget is essential to grant-seeking success. Harnessing the power of numbers to explain the growing needs in the community you serve and matching dollar amounts to program narrative are sure-fire approaches to winning more grants.

You’ll learn:

  • Key cost elements to consider for program, project, and equipment budgets
  • Match/In-kind definitions, explanations, and examples
  • Indirect vs. Program costs
  • Most common budget mistakes

Additional resources include: sample budgets from federal and private foundations and resource lists for calculating costs in the most common categories.

Stress-Free Grant Management

Writing the grant is not the most challenging part of the process! Post-award or grant management is an integral part of the grant writing process. Learn proven systems for creating cross-functional grants teams and effective and efficient documentation.

You’ll learn:

  • 8 key preparations for sound grant management
  • Real-world examples of the consequences of poor grant management
  • Best Practices for grant management teams
  • 10 Tips for reporting: Financial and Program Outcomes
  • What you must do first when outcomes or finance tracking goes wrong

Resources include: worksheets tracking outcomes and expenditures and communication templates for funding agencies.

The Power of Sustainability

Securing true financial sustainability for your organization goes far beyond a sentence or two in a hurried grant proposal promising to apply for more grants. Discover and discuss innovative ways that partnerships, volunteers, collaborative grants, and fundraising can secure the future of your organization’s vital work and, even more importantly, the communities and people you serve.

You’ll learn:

  • 5 essential components of sustainability—not just the money!
  • 6 key questions to drive deep and practical sustainability
  • Powerful ways to reframe strategic planning and programming that provides for present needs without negatively affecting future growth
  • Proven strategies to answer sustainability questions in grant proposals

Grant Ethics for The Real World

Ignorance of ethical grant practices is no excuse when mismanagement of funds can cost your agency the grants you worked so hard to secure AND decrease your chances of securing new funding. Join a fast-paced game of Grant Ethics Bingo featuring the most common unethical situations related to grant seeking and grant management and their solutions. Participants laugh while they learn and play on customized bingo cards.
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