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Under pressure to over-deliver on fundraising/grants revenue?

Stymied by sustainability and strategic planning?

Overwhelmed by grant deadlines and opportunities?

Looking to move into a new career in high demand?

We can help!

Amanda Day and Kimberly Hays de Muga have led trainings, keynotes, conference sessions, and webinars for more than 20,000 people like you worldwide. Whether in person or online, around the corner, or across the country, they provide tailored training and incorporate follow-up feedback and coaching that prepares you and your team to secure the funding you need to transform the communities you serve.

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Grants Lab — Cohorts Forming Now

If you are new to the world of grants or have been figuring it out on your own for years, this is the training for you. Together, Amanda and Kimberly have over 50 years of grant seeking and management experience. They’ve taught more than 20,000 people from nonprofits, local governments, higher education, K-12 school systems, and more. They will build your organization’s capacity for sustainable and strategic success with grants.

Tailored Training & Keynotes

Looking for a one-hour session on grant readiness? An in-depth training on sustainability? A 12-session webinar series on all things grant related? An entertaining and educational keynote address that energizes conference attendees? HayDay Services is here for you.

Grants Coaching

There is no one clearcut way to build a career in grants and fundraising. Next steps can feel overwhelming, whether you’re looking to excel in your current position or exploring options in leadership or business building. Find out about our Grants Coaching services.

The Grant Mechanics — Expert Grant Review

If you’re just beginning in the grants field or have a huge proposal underway, having an expert opinion could be just the tune up you need to join the winner’s circle. The Grant Mechanics, Amanda and Kimberly, bring a combined 50+ years’ experience raising more than $120 million in grant awards. In addition, they have served as grant reviewers for federally and locally funded grant programs.

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