Episode 13

Other Duties as Assigned: Writing Grants When It’s Not in Your Title

Jun 23, 2022 | Season 5

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You have probably been there before. You already have a full-time job as a teacher, firefighter, major gifts manager, city clerk, accountant, volunteer coordinator, or “fill-in-the-blank job” here. One day your boss comes in and adds grant research and writing to your other duties as assigned. You don’t even know where to begin, much less how to submit a completed grant proposal. Trust us when we say, you are not the only individual in this position. We’re talking with Joy Day, the Mayor of Jonesboro, Georgia, a part-time elected official who took it upon herself to seek grants to improve the quality of life in her city. Her advice: let your desire for getting a project funded exceed your fear of the grant process.

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Other Duties as Assigned: Writing Grants When It's Not in Your Title
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